If you would like to help us fight for future generations, please consider becoming a paid member of Turning Point UK. Starting from only £2 a month for Ambassador – you can help us fight and win the most important battle of our generation.

Any prospective members must also read and agree our Code of Conduct below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Be respectful of other members and their views. Remember we are a broad-church organisation so you may not agree with other members on everything.
  • Adhere to your university’s rules and the law. We will never ask you, nor do we expect you to engage in illegal activity or jeopardise your university education.
  • Bullying of any form will not be tolerated. Likewise neither will sexism, racism ableism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination
  • TPUK is not a dating network and we advise members to save romantic advances and PDA for outside of TPUK events and meetings.
  • When representing TPUK please conduct yourself in a friendly and respectful manner.
  • If you come across any information that may damage your chapter’s or TPUK’s reputation please inform the leadership team immediately.
  • Absolute honesty is expected at all times from TPUK’s members.
  • Do not partake in any media interview without prior permission from the TPUK leadsership. Requests for permission to do media interviews can be sent to
  • At TPUK’s events and in public members are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and with dignity.
  • Members are prohibited from attending any TPUK event or event where they are representing TPUK in a drunken state.

For any clarification on TPUK’s Basic Code of Conduct please contact the leadership team.