TPUK University Societies

TPUK University Societies exist to educate students about the importance of limited government, free markets and capitalism. Through grassroots activism and peer-to-peer conversations, TPUK activists promote and re-brand conservative values at their universities.

TPUK currently has a presence in universities across the country.

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TPUK University Societies host a wide-range of events on campus including:


Debates / Discussion Forums / Panels
Activist Training Seminars
Film Screenings
Grassroots Activism Campaigns

As a TPUK University Societies Leader, you will have the opportunity to build a strong conservative activist network at your place of education, plan and execute activism initiatives, help students consider new perspectives, and inform your peers about the importance of economic freedom and limited government. You will change what it means to be a conservative on campus by re-branding and promoting free market values.


To be considered an official TPUK University Societies, groups must

  • Maintain an Executive Board with at least three (3) positions: President, Vice President, and Treasurer;

  • Organise at least one (1) activism initiative per academic term;

  • Remain in communication with a TPUK Regional Director;

  • Submit an “End of Year” Report to TPUK HQ (form will be sent out to Chapter Leaders);

  • Sign the Societies Charter Agreement;

  • Adhere to TPUK’s Chapter Code of Conduct (found on the Chapter Charter Agreement form).

The best part is that TPUK staff will be available to help your Society with starting to establish itself, recruiting new members, and organising activism events. You don’t need be an experienced activist to start a



Turning Point UK will provide you with everything you need to be successful

— from materials to advising to on site staff support, we’ll be there to make sure your TPUK University Societies is the most effective student society it can be!


Turning Point UK staff are available to connect you with any TPUK members already at your place of education who are involved in a Society or interested in starting one.

To see if there is an active TPUK Society where you’re studying, visit our Chapter Society.