The Left are just as infectious as Corona itself

TPUK Staff | News

Those on the hard Left have never wasted a good crisis. This time round, it looks as though they’re aiming to be just as infectious as the coronavirus itself: by spreading themselves throughout groups of innocent people who are only trying to help each other.

The Sunday Express recently reported that Momentum activists are “infiltrating coronavirus volunteer groups to create [a] far-Left campaign network”.

Well, colour us surprised!

The remarks made by John McDonnell and Faiza Shaheen (the latter of which can actually be watched here) are truly shocking. Whichever angle you come at politics from, the notion that anyone thinks this crisis should be an opportunity to spread their own dogma is just contemptible.

The Express quotes the former Shadow Chancellor as saying: “We are now from the Labour Party populating that whole voluntary sector area. That again gives us the opportunity, with issues like housing, we have got new organisational forms we can not only use to tackle a particular problem but use then to evolve a debate and discussion about what Socialist practices are at the local as well as the national level.”

Whatever one thinks of the lockdown, it can’t be denied that country is getting itself hugely into debt already in order to contain the situation. Any more “Socialist practices” would only make things even worse by several orders of magnitude!

As for Ms Shaheen, in her case the question asked of her by a caller on a The World Transformed call was quite specific: “Do you have any advice on politicising mutual aid?”

Shaheen’s response was to talk about people becoming “accidental activists”. Not in the least bit chilling!

It’s also interesting to note that the term “political education” is never far from their lips when the Left talks about this kind of thing. To draw from Orwell, those on the Right had better make sure they’re not guilty of any “thoughtcrime”… or they may very well find themselves getting “re-educated” if the hard Left ever gets anywhere near power!

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