Coronavirus is starting to prove that some universities only care about money – not their students

TPUK Staff | Opinion

There has been an increasing suspicion that universities are treating students and their needs with complete contempt, concerning themselves only with the financial bounty that the students offer.

A shocking story has emerged from one UK university that is very disturbing and speaks to this attitude, which seems to be prevalent in quite a few of our universities.

It seems that the coronavirus pandemic has put in one university’s head that, now the students have gone into self-isolation in their homes, they are all but irrelevant.

At Cardiff University, students have returned to their residences to find that their apartments have been ransacked and their personal property disposed of, damaged or shoved carelessly into bags. This is, reportedly, after having been assured by the university that residences would not be touched. The University apparently also gave the students the offer to collect all their belongings at the end of term, which they seemingly reneged upon without notifying the students.

There have been reports of perfectly new or reusable items being thrown away by staff at large financial cost to the students, as well as items of sentimental value.

Pictures have emerged of skips filled with people’s belongings, including clothes as well as a jumble of kitchenware left strewn over the pavement. One student recorded in a Facebook post how the staff had poured water all over their pictures and had destroyed their room decorations.

This is clear act of negligence from Cardiff University, and a sign of just how much the university experience as a whole has been turned into a money-making venture, rather than providing a student-centric educational experience. We hope that Cardiff University reimburses those students who have been affected and apologises for their actions.

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