What will the Left not stoop to?

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It is absolutely typical – and disgraceful. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. But that’s the world we live in when the Labour Party has been taken over by the hard-Left.

We are facing a crisis unprecedented in modern times. Friends, families and vulnerable people are being kept isolated from one another, in an attempt to save lives. This will be taking its toll on many before long, in terms of mental health.

Yet what do the Marxists do? They see this as an opportunity to capitalise (ironically) on their long-held desire to tear down all the structures of the state as it stands, and to reshape it in their own image. Well, colour us surprised…

Let’s just take a look at what they’ve been saying.

Last Monday, Guido Fawkes reported that the Chairman of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery, had suggested the current crisis could be “a great opportunity” for showing “how Labour, and why Labour, is best when it gets on the front foot and best when it gets people together”. Because, obviously, when the generation that got us through the last World War is facing a serious health threat, political partisanship is definitely going to be helpful.

On the same day, Conservative Home reported that Momentum and The World Transformed were busy organising conference calls to talk about “how the Left should respond to Coronavirus”. They reported how Momentum has described this crisis as “political” – when some people might have thought that “medical” would be a more appropriate term – and demanded “a political response”. They also mentioned there was to be a further conference call the next evening.

Seaprately, Turning Point UK has been made aware that GMB union activist Helen O’Connor said on one of these calls that measures “up to and including industrial action” should be considered if the Government does not give in to their “demands” – that means strikes, folks!

On Wednesday, Wolves of Westminster reported on what was said in the upcoming conference call that ConHome referred to on Monday. There was talking of suing the Government for its “failure to protect precarious workers”, because that would obviously be helpful right now.

One host on this call said that the Left should ensure the current measures “aren’t simply rolled back when the crisis is over”. They called for a “plan to entrench them”. Another speaker talked about calling for a “rent strike”, which could ruin private landlords who will already be struggling.

Even Rebecca Long-Bailey, the most hard-Left candidate for the Labour leadership, turned up on this one. She wanted the Government to have the power to “requisition buildings”. She said there should be “conditionality” to public bailouts of certain sectors – i.e. that they fell into public ownership. And she argued that “the case in this crisis is very strongly being made for Socialism”.

So, while many on the Right might accept the strictly temporary need to take huge risks with the economy in order to protect our most vulnerable citizens, the Left seems to think that ought to become permanent.

All we can say to that is that we think Tom Harwood’s statement on Twitter last Saturday was quite right:

We gather that the conference calls hosted by Momentum and The World Transformed are now to be held weekly on Tuesday nights. One can only imagine what kind of nonsense they’ll be trotting out at the next one.

Indeed, it seems that not even everyone in the NHS is pulling together, with some members of the Leftwaffe seeming to think that blaming the current Government for this crisis is a sensible thing to do right now. They’re planning another conference call this coming Thursday night, and they’re quite openly talking about that on Facebook.

Our message to them is: when we all came out and clapped last Thursday at 8pm, we weren’t clapping for you lot. We were clapping for those in the NHS who think they’ve actually got better things to do than to behave this badly while the country is facing a global pandemic crisis.

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us – after all, these are the same people who behaved very badly during the recent General Election campaign as well, which seems a world away now. And people are already talking about that.

But the Right is watching – vigilantly. And we think we’re going to be on the right side of history with this one.

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