NHS collapses under Corbyn

TPUK Staff | News

So, last night’s story in the Daily Mail has given us all yet more hilarity to wake up to this morning about Labour’s crazy policies. Jeremy Corbyn’s son’s firm – which sold hemp products and called itself the ‘National Hemp Service’ – has just gone bust.

This is actually too good to make up!

No more weed for Corbyn Junior!

Tommy Corbyn was running a business based out of a café in his dad’s Islington North constituency. The aim was apparently just to produce and sell products made out of hemp, a strain of the cannabis plant – although it’s difficult not to notice that the company’s sole investor, Jeff Ditchfield, is a leading advocate for the legalisation of cannabis for human consumption.

It looks like Mr Ditchfield has seen his entire investment go up in smoke – losing him £30,000 from his pension fund. He is said to be furious, and told The Mail: “My personal view is that it’s been put into liquidation because of mismanagement by the directors.” These, of course, being none other than Tommy Corbyn himself and his girlfriend – who stand to lose a further £70,000 between them!

Now, normally even we might argue that this doesn’t have to say much about Corbyn the Elder… except that it turns out he was also a regular visitor to the firm to give business advice. That’s right: Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of what its manifesto has just revealed to be the anti-business Labour Party, was trying to help his son run a company…

No surprise, really…

The Labour Leader apparently told The Mail only last month that: “I go there quite often to observe the building work and give my opinion. It’s doing really well. I’ve advised him to not take anything out of the business for as long as he can handle not to. Small business is very important. Don’t take anything out, put your efforts in.”

It looks like neither Corbyn’s business acumen is all that great – well, who’d have guessed?! And besides that, if the two can’t manage to run a successful company in an actual Capitalist society, then Heaven only knows how quickly this one would’ve gone down the pan under a hard-Left Socialist regime.

But Jeremy’s convinced he’s always got solutions. Maybe he should have just nationalised the ‘National Hemp Service’ instead… ? ? ?

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